2022 Video Interview by Cult +

Le ceramiche di Micol Zardi

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2021 Video interview by Spam

Fatto a mano Abbiamo incontrato tre giovani artigiane della Svizzera italiana che hanno data vita alle loro attività seguendo le loro passioni: Micol, Sophie e Isidora.

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2020 Article appeared on Dezeen 

Pet-like smart assistants and multi-sensory tableware feature in Edinburgh College of Art student show

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The article reads:

“Assaporando is a project that explores multi-sensory stimuli in eating experiences, manipulating the five senses to achieve enhanced dining. “Sensation transference is what links our senses with flavour and allows for multi-sensoriality to induce new experiences by the diner. Shape, colour, texture, noise and weight are elements that if combined, change the way in which we perceive flavour. When the five senses are manipulated and controlled while eating, the diner’s perceptions of flavour are changed. “This tableware intensifies the eating experience; the shape, texture, colour and weight enhance the diners’ perception of flavour, creating an out of the ordinary dining experience.”